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(Updated November 2010)

This site is building an overview of European initiatives and activities around Open Government Data. See how you can help.

While working on Open Gov Data it became clear to us that there are lots of European initiatives, data sets and examples that are hard to find outside their own language area.
Therefore this site aims to be a collection of pointers

On a country by country basis we will collect and share pointers to three types of content:

- Data sets, pointers with short descriptions of what's available;
- Initiatives, pointers to policy initiatives, competitions, barcamps. Also as examples of what you can do in your own country;
- Re-use examples and applications based on open government data.

Current Content
Currently we're not a whole lot of examples, but have many more on the todo list. It makes sense to also have a look at that todo list, as there you will find URLs before they show up here on the site, and with a back log of 300+ URLs it's a richer resource right now.

To see all collected initiatives:
To see all collected re-use cases:
To see all collected data sources:

To see things specific for a country, add +country to the URLs above.
So all items for the Netherlands would e.g. be, and all initiatives for the Netherlands would be

We hope these pointers can serve as a source of inspiration, as a source of awareness, and as a source of leverage in dealing with your own government. See how you can help.

We are currently (November 2010) importing these bookmarks on a country by country basis

There is a public calendar listing open data and PSI re-use events in Europe. Feel free to add relevant events by sending a meeting invite to d8ctpd90brkif2u7emhrv03kqc [symbol goes here]

This website is an initiative of Ton Zijlstra and James Burke.

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