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Q-Fever in the Netherlands

A map of all farms hit by Q-fever in the Netherlands compared to the area where mandatory vaccination of goats and sheep took place.

Q-Fever in the Netherlands

NPL National database of prescription drugs

Current quality assured info on prescription drugs allowed for sale in Sweden. Data is available through a webservice, or via (daily updated) XML.

Format: XML
Contact info: available at the mentioned URL in English and Swedish.

Found via by Peter Krantz.

Price info on prescription drugs by TLV

The Swedish TLV publishes a daily file with price information on prescription drugs for apothecaries. The file is available on an FTP server in CSV format. Login info for the FTP server is publikum (twice). The files are named according to the PUBLIKUMyyyymmdd.csv template.

Data source:
Format: CSV
Contact info in this PDF:

Found via by Peter Krantz

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