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This item describes/points to a source of data

Dades Obertes Gencat

This is the open government data catalogue by the Catalan government in Barcelona. Launched in November 2010.

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Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza. Conjunto de datos

The local open government data catalogue for the Spanish city Zaragoza. 

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LIBRIS is a national search service with information on titles in Swedish university, college and research libraries and some twenty public libraries. There are books, journals, articles, maps, posters, sheet music, electronic resources, etc.

The database of bibliographic information is available via several APIs, and in multiple formats. The conceptual model is based on international open standards. Through RDF / XML the LIBRIS database is also moving towards becoming part of the Semantic Web.

Propositioner och Skrivelser

This database contains all the government bills and letters since 1971. For older records (1993/94 and earlier), the material is scanned and OCR processed, made available in PDF and HTML format. Material between 1994/95 and 2001/02 are only in plain text format where formatting information in the printed material has been lost. From 2002/03 there are bills in PDF format, created directly from original material in digital form. These documents are public domain under Swedish law except for maps etc. contained in these documents.

Statutes, SFS

The database contains all the provisions contained in the Swedish Code of Statutes, SFS, the consolidated full-text and bibliographic information. Rules and laws in force in 1986 and any changes since then are available (it also means anything no longer in force because lifted after 1986 is still available as historic information).

Data source:
Format: PDF

Found via by Peter Krantz

Malmö City Statistics

Statistics on the city of Malmö. Classification by sector and in HTML. Clear terms of use 'material may be freely used, but state source: Strategic Development, City of Malmö. " However, no data appears to be structured in a way that makes it easy to process mechanically.

Data source: (left hand column points to different stats)
Format: HTML

NPL National database of prescription drugs

Current quality assured info on prescription drugs allowed for sale in Sweden. Data is available through a webservice, or via (daily updated) XML.

Format: XML
Contact info: available at the mentioned URL in English and Swedish.

Found via by Peter Krantz.

Price info on prescription drugs by TLV

The Swedish TLV publishes a daily file with price information on prescription drugs for apothecaries. The file is available on an FTP server in CSV format. Login info for the FTP server is publikum (twice). The files are named according to the PUBLIKUMyyyymmdd.csv template.

Data source:
Format: CSV
Contact info in this PDF:

Found via by Peter Krantz

PRV Aktinsyn

Aktinsyn, 'looking at dossiers', is the public available info on patents in Sweden. The dataset contains all original filed documents from 2004 onwards, and can be downloaded in PDF format. Search is based on the patent number only.

Datasource: (and follow the link Aktinsyn in the middle of the page)
Formats: PDF

Found via by Peter Krantz.

RDT Traffic Regulations

Swedish national database on traffic regulations RDT. As of July 1st 2010 it is mandatory in Sweden that all traffic regulations are published in this database. Before that date publication is voluntary.

Offers three perspectives:
Formal index: all regulations published nationally or by local authorities.
Existing records: what regulations were in place at any given date.
Search: to find specific regulations.

Data source:
Formats: XML and PDF

Found via by Peter Krantz

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