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- Hugmyndafundur", or The Ministry of Ideas, is a collective of people working towards redefining Iceland, which organizes mass efforts, brainstorm meetings and other events which influence open governance."


Framtidarsyn" evaluates group value satements using psychological approaches and statistical analysis."

Data Market

DataMarket is a for-profit company organized around the visualization of data in general, working very specifically on government datasets when available in an effort to increase government transparency.

Skuggathing (Iceland)

Skuggaþing (Shadow Parliament)
"is a collaborative law editing system with built in direct and proxied voting. One instance of the software currently resides at
Skuggaþing where it is copying data in real time from the Icelandic parliament and presenting it in a much improved way (despite the fact that we still haven't done graphic design!)"


This page shows projects from Iceland around open gov. data.

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