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OpenData Network Germany

The OpenData Network is a new initiative to promote opendata in Germany. It is a a non-profit civil society NGO. The aim is to help promote opendata, openaccess, opengovernment, transparency, participation and collaboration.

The focus will be on promoting, researching and supporting the development of new methods and tools for dataliberation, datavisualisation, participation and collaboration.

OpenData Network



Framtidarsyn" evaluates group value satements using psychological approaches and statistical analysis."

Skuggathing (Iceland)

Skuggaþing (Shadow Parliament)
"is a collaborative law editing system with built in direct and proxied voting. One instance of the software currently resides at
Skuggaþing where it is copying data in real time from the Icelandic parliament and presenting it in a much improved way (despite the fact that we still haven't done graphic design!)"

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