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Desafío AbreDatos 2010

Spanish contest to genereate ideas around the reuse of PSI and open government data

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ODIS Competition

The Danish IT and Telecomm Agency, ITST, organized a competition to stimulate the re-use of open government data in the fall of 2009, called ODIS. ODIS stands for Offentlige Data i Spil ('bringing public data into play').
Winners were announced at the ODIS conference in Copenhagen on February 4th 2010.

Mindtrek competition

Mindtrek competition (apps for democracy)
"The "Apps for Democracy Finland" is your chance to wow the world with your ideas; your chance to build better systems on top of public data; your chance to demonstrate the value and the power of public data when it is let free; your chance to take public information and display it in exciting new ways; and your chance to walk away with a range of prizes."

Dat zou handig zijn!

A Dutch competition for generating ideas around the reuse of public government data modelled after Show Us a Better Way in the UK. Launched May 2009, running until September 2009. 'Dat zou handig zijn' means 'That would be great to have'. The Ministry for the Interior has made 20.000 Euro available to help realize the best idea(s).

The competition generated 60 ideas. Winners were announced November 26th 2009.
Winning idea was 'where do my taxes go', which won funding to realize the idea. Runners up were two related ideas about garbage removal dates, and places to bring garbage.

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