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This item relates to policy initiatives, or government activities supportive of Open Gov Data (e.g. competitions, brainstorms, events)

Hacks/Hackers inaugural Brussels gathering launches open data effort | Hacks/Hackers

A first meet-up of hackers and hacks (journalists) to discuss open data and work on moving open data in Belgium forward. Almost 50 people attended.

Go to Hacks/Hackers inaugural Brussels gathering launches open data effort | Hacks/Hackers

Open Data Belgium Listing - Google Docs

This is a first attempt by Belgian hacks (journalists) and hackers to gather urls of interest for Open Data. Collection is kept in a Google doc. When starting something it is important to simply just start. Like building a list, so people can start exploring for more.

Go to Open Data Belgium Listing - Google Docs

Dades Obertes Gencat

This is the open government data catalogue by the Catalan government in Barcelona. Launched in November 2010.

Go to Dades Obertes Gencat

Open Data Euskadi

El portal de Apertura de Datos Públicos del Gobierno Vasco. This is the portal for open government data by the Basque government.

Go to Open Data Euskadi

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza. Conjunto de datos

The local open government data catalogue for the Spanish city Zaragoza. 

Go to Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza. Conjunto de datos

Desafío AbreDatos 2010

Spanish contest to genereate ideas around the reuse of PSI and open government data

Go to Desafío AbreDatos 2010

ODIS Competition

The Danish IT and Telecomm Agency, ITST, organized a competition to stimulate the re-use of open government data in the fall of 2009, called ODIS. ODIS stands for Offentlige Data i Spil ('bringing public data into play').
Winners were announced at the ODIS conference in Copenhagen on February 4th 2010.

Linked Open Government Data / Gov-LOD

It was three weeks ago when a group of Semantic Web enthusiasts and representatives from various Austrian organisations have met in Vienna to discuss a possible future initiative towards Open Government Linked Data. The output of this first meeting was the decision that we will organize the upcoming Semantic Web Meetup in Vienna with a special focus on Open Government Linked Data. is an initiative to highlight available public datasets in Sweden. It contains a commentable catalog of government datasets, their formats and usage restrictions. The percent figure on the start page indicates the share of datasets that are available with an open license and in at least one open format.

Opendata Hackday

On April 17th and 18th the German OpenData Network will organize a BarCamp around Open Data in collaboration with Hack de Overheid from the Netherlands. The event takes place in Berlin.

More info in the wiki page:
Or e-mail info [aet]

Announcement of the event in German.

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