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Frankfurt Gestalten - open data and participation project for local politics

What are politician's decisions about your neighborhood? What does usually happen in my street and what could be done better? In Frankfurt, Germany, there is a website called (Create Frankfurt), which makes local political decision more transparent and offers a new space for citizen to participate. The concept is to combine the following dimensions, which hopefully lead to a vibrant engagement:

Opendata Hackday

On April 17th and 18th the German OpenData Network will organize a BarCamp around Open Data in collaboration with Hack de Overheid from the Netherlands. The event takes place in Berlin.

More info in the wiki page:
Or e-mail info [aet]

Announcement of the event in German.

OpenData Network Germany

The OpenData Network is a new initiative to promote opendata in Germany. It is a a non-profit civil society NGO. The aim is to help promote opendata, openaccess, opengovernment, transparency, participation and collaboration.

The focus will be on promoting, researching and supporting the development of new methods and tools for dataliberation, datavisualisation, participation and collaboration.

OpenData Network



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